Abdominal pain

There are a variety of causes of this symptom.Often, simple causes are checked by your GP but a specialist opinion may be sought if the cause is not apparent or a specialist opinion is warranted. Your Consultant will take a detailed history asking you what symptoms you get. After this, it is usual for the Consultant to want to examine your tummy in some detail. This will involve you initially lying on your back while the examination is carried out. This should not be uncomfortable, but if you do have any pain you should let the Consultant know just prior to being examined.

At the end of the abdominal examination which may inlude a digital rectal examination, sometimes a rigid sigmoidoscopy and/or proctoscopy may be carried out. Depending on what is found, the Consultant will talk to you about further investigations that may be necessary to find the cause of your problems. This may involve a combination of radiological scans, endoscopy (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy) and sometimes some blood tests may be ordered. It may be that more than one of these investigations is appropriate and this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Following these, it is usual practice to see you back in the clinic to go through the results with you and to review your symptoms. Depending on what is found, either further investigations may be recommended or treatment and advice given as necessary.

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