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If you have been seeking a diverticular disease clinic in Hampshire, you’ll want to invest in the help of Basingstoke Colorectal. We have years’ worth of experience dealing with various colorectal conditions and will offer our support where possible as a qualified service.

Diverticular disease is common. In fact, it is 40 times more common in the West. This is due to lack of fibre in the diet or ageing. As a result, bowel movements can change dramatically and the disease can even cause pain in the abdomen for some patients.

At Basingstoke Colorectal we can investigate your symptoms via colonoscopy. This way we can focus on where exactly the condition begins and offer a solution as to how to treat it.

During your visit you will be treated to a comfortable setting as well as understanding staff members working as a team to ensure you have the best possible support. We understand topics such as this can be embarrassing to discuss. That is why we’ll make sure you can discuss your concerns without fear.

If you would like to contact us, you can do so directly via our website or via our number at 01256 354747.

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