Pilonidal Sinus Disease Hampshire

If you are suffering with the common condition of Pilonidal Sinus Disease do not despair because specialist help is available in a professional and caring private clinic which offers medical and surgical treatment for a range of colorectal complaints and issues in Hampshire.

The impressive Basingstoke Colorectal group of Consultants have developed a complete colorectal centre which is the ideal place for those with a need for solutions and treatment in comfortable surroundings.  

Pilonidal Sinus Disease is a common condition which is slightly more common in males.  The most common part of the body to be affected is the natal cleft, the groove between the buttocks.  It is caused when the natural body hairs start to grow into the skin, as opposed to away from the skin, and burrow deeper into the fatty layers. Eventually, a sinus develops where the hair has grown deeper.  This is a painful condition and in some cases a full blown abscess can occur accompanied by the feeling of being generally unwell, fever and marked increase in pain.  The only effective way of treating this is by surgery.

If you are suffering with the symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus Disease, the expert Consultants at Basingstoke Colorectal will provide a full diagnosis and surgical treatment to rectify this painful condition. Their knowledge and skills of the surgical and nursing team at Basingstoke Colorectal are supported by  a variety of qualifications, experience and education enable them to provide a first class patient care.

To access prompt diagnosis and treatment if you have a complaint or issue relating to the colorectal area, you are invited to call the specialist team today on  01256 354 747 or complete the online contact form on the website.

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