Rectal Prolapse Hampshire

Do you suffer from rectal prolapse? Although not usually life-threatening, the symptoms of rectal prolapse can be debilitating if they are left untreated. However, many people may often be too embarrassed to seek treatment. But there’s no need to be.

At Basingstoke Colorectal, at the Hampshire Clinic, the team of colorectal surgeons have seen pretty much every symptom of rectal prolapse and many other colorectal conditions plenty of times before.  They will not be embarrassed, and neither should you be. Rectal prolapse, especially external rectal prolapse, can usually be treated very successfully with surgery, so it really makes sense to go and discuss it with a specialist.

Basingstoke Colorectal is a partnership of five colorectal and general surgeons. They all work for the NHS at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Foundation Trust, and do their private work at the Hampshire Clinic. Although they specialise in the treatment of colorectal cancers, they are also able to provide investigative work and surgical treatment for a wide range of other conditions, including piles or haemorrhoids, hernias, anal fissures, sebaceous cysts, and of course, rectal prolapse. Their investigative work includes colonoscopy, laparoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

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