Pilonidal Sinus Disease

Pilonidal Sinus Disease is a common condition which can affect both sexes, but is slightly more common in males.  The most common part of the body to be affected is the natal cleft, the groove between the two buttocks.  Other parts of the body can be affected.  The underlying problem is one of the natural body hairs starting to grow into the skin, instead of away from the skin.  These then continue to grow and burrow deeper into the fat below the skin.  Eventually, the track or sinus develops where the hair has grown deeper.  It is frequent to have more than one sinus.  Symptoms of the disease may include some pain at the base of the spine, swelling in this area, discomfort on sitting down and discharge of infected or bloody contents.  Occasionally, a full blown abscess can occur accompanied by the feeling of being generally unwell, fever and marked increase in pain.  If left untreated, the symptoms normally wax and wane but do not usually disappear by themselves.  The only effective way of treating this is by surgery.

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