A laparoscopy is a specialist procedure performed under general anaesthetic. It allows the surgeon to insert a small keyhole camera in to the tummy cavity and to have a look around. This can be a useful test and part of the routine management of several conditions such as appendicitis, hernia repair and bowel resection.

The laparoscopy allows the surgeon to inspect all of the organs of the tummy cavity in some detail along with the lining of the tummy cavity (peritoneum) and the fat within the tummy cavity (omentum). Sometimes adhesions between loops of bowel, often as a result of previous surgery, can be broken down using a laparoscopic technique. The minimal access of the keyhole surgery means that adhesions are therefore less likely to form in the future.

Depending on the type of procedure being carried out at laparoscopy, you will normally have one small scar of about 1cm near the tummy button (umbilicus) and a number of other 5mm-10mm scars over the tummy cavity depending on where the surgeon feels it necessary to place them. Your surgeon can speak to you in more detail about this for your specific case.

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