Incomplete Evacuation In Hampshire

Believe it or not, incomplete evacuation isn’t uncommon. Many people suffer from such a condition that can be caused by an underlying issue. If you’re struggling with incomplete evacuation in Hampshire, enquire about a referral to Basingstoke Colorectal for trusted, qualified and dedicated support.

Incomplete evacuation can be difficult to deal with and can also become painful depending on the cause. Such causes can be due to conditions as haemorrhoids or, more seriously, colorectal cancer. That is why we offer to investigate to find the cause and offer a solution to treating the condition.

Our clinic is a partnership of five specialist colorectal consultants and general surgeons. All are fully qualified to high standards to perform practices and offer full support when it comes to advising patients about colorectal care.

Not only are they well informed about colorectal conditions, but each work as part of the NHS Basingstoke and North Hampshire Foundation Trust and privately at the Hampshire clinic. This means that you can rely on us to ensure you receive the attention you need to overcome your condition.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of the consultants or find out more, you can call us on 01256 354747 or email us at

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