Faecal Incontinence In Hampshire

If you find yourself rushing to the toilet, whether at home or in public, don’t stay silent. Visit Basingstoke Colorectal for full support in overcoming this issue with advice from professional consultants on faecal incontinence in Hampshire.

What is faecal incontinence?

Faecal incontinence is when one cannot control their bowel movements. Some examples include regular urges to void one’s bowels, soiling without realising or leaking faeces when passing wind.

Also known as bowel incontinence, this particular condition can be a sign of something bigger and even cause problems during one’s daily life. That is why we offer our support to investigate the issue and offer treatment solutions to help control the condition.

Why to choose Basingstoke Colorectal.

We are a clinic that specialises in colorectal conditions. This means we are very familiar with such conditions as faecal incontinence. We can identify what is causing the affliction and offer the most suitable treatment or surgical solution to help you get back to worry-free days.

You can speak to us via our contact number on 01256 354747 and discuss your referral with a member of our staff, email our team or find out more via our website.

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